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Building Maintenance Unit and Permanent Access Platform

Sinogain Engineering Ltd provides highly sophisticated custom designed building maintenance units, traveling ladder and platform.

Permanent access equipment is essential for buildings or other special structure with large areas of fenestration. Modern high-rise buildings require external or internal access to facades to serve the purpose of cleaning, maintaining and repairing such high cost investment. Access to remote internal areas of buildings is also a necessity.

The travel platform is a necessity for inspection and maintenance of bridge or highway viaduct structure.

By working directly with the owners, designers and specifiers at the early stage of project development, we can provide our valuable experience and expertise to assist in the customized development of the most appropriate solution for each individual project.

Hence, the ability to offer the most suitable equipment as well as a full range of access working platforms can allow your completion of any type of works at height efficiently.

Sinogain has just been awarded with a contract to supply access equipment for the Stonecutter Bridge. The access equipment includes under bridge gantries, stay cable gantries, tower top maintenance unit, deck shuttle and rack and pinion lift.

The rack and pinion lift will provide an efficient access mean for servicing the bridge pylon which is close to 300m high. The climbing height of this rack and pinion will be one of the highest in Asia.